BeeApp Pricing

Partner with BeeApp and we'll make sure you get a price that works for your business.

Pricing Options

BeeApp's pricing depends on what your business needs. There are four different areas to consider:


BeeApp Modules Selection

BeeApp is composed of the following four core modules:

Depending on your needs you can select any combination of the above modules. Modules are continuously improved and you will benefit from regular updates and additional features over time.


Custom Development

Every business is unique and while our modules are very comprehensive, sometimes you just need features that we haven't yet developed. With custom development we can fill that gap for your business.

We can develop new features in existing modules or create entirely new modules depending on your needs.


Additional Support Options

We provide email support for BeeApp, but sometimes that is not sufficient. We can provide direct support for your staff to ensure the entire team is able to fully leverage BeeApp.

Depending on what you need there are options for video conferencing, dedicated phone numbers and on the ground support from our product team.



Depending on which BeeApp modules you need there may be infrastructure requirements, such as wifi networks, label printers and temperature sensors. As technology experts we can install and configure infrastructure on your site to enable you to get the best from your investment in BeeApp.

Bee Intelligence does any infrastructure installation entirely at cost, i.e. we take no margin for the service. We just want to help you succeed with BeeApp.

Every customer is unique and one size does not fit all. Get in touch to find out how BeeApp can transform your business.

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