Extraction & Blending

BeeApp Module

This module simplifies and automates the data collection involved in extracting honey to provide robust traceability. Our blending tool lets you easily create blends from multiple drums.

Feature Highlights

Digitised Harvest Declarations

Create Harvest Declarations easily using BeeApp's form that saves time with smart data entry.

Record the number of honey boxes extracted against the apiary site.

Link Harvest Declarations to batches of drums and/or individual drums.

Drum Batch Management

Record box weight during extraction.

Extract honey into multiple drums, collectively called a batch.

Automatically receive lab results directly into BeeApp for your drums/batches.

Drum Management

Use our blending tool to create honey blends from multiple drums.

Print drum labels with all relevant information including your company logo.

Rely on BeeApp to always generate unique drum numbers and provide full traceability.

Features in Detail

BeeApp's Extraction & Blending Module has many advanced features that will help you to optimise your business.

Feature List

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  • Digitised Harvest Declaration
    • Archive harvest declarations
    • Create and update digital copy of a paper harvest declaration
    • Delete (unused) Harvest Declaration
    • Link new honey batches to harvest declaration
    • Record number of honey boxes against apiary site
    • Update relationship between Batch and Harvest Declaration
  • Honey Drum Filling
    • Archive extraction drums
    • Create multiple drums against a batch
    • Create unique drum record (linked to batch)
    • Print drum sticker
    • View drum related honey lab results
  • Honey Extraction Batch Management
    • Archive extraction batches
    • Batch Reporting
    • Create unique batch record (linked to HD)
    • Open and close batches to avoid data entry mistakes
    • Record Box Weight during Extraction
    • View batch details
    • View batch related honey lab results
  • Honey Blending
    • Archive blends
    • Create new blend batches and drums with full traceability
    • Create, view and update honey blend jobs/scenarios
    • Link one or more source honey drums and define how much honey is taken from each